In-Depth Explaindio Review Published by IM Expert Hanif Quentino

March 04 22:57 2015

An in-depth Explaindio review has been published by IM expert Hanif Quentino, who is best known for his expertise in organic traffic generation and conversion rate optimization.

Explaindio is a video creation software that allows users to create both animated and ‘sketch-style’ videos to help promote and market their business.

Explaindio members are advised to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in video marketing.  If marketers want to succeed in the competitive world of online business, they need to choose a marketing model that really works.

There are many alternatives out there, and sorting through all of these can be difficult. One variety that one should really think about using is video marketing.

Using online videos to promote your business offers many advantages. These videos are immensely popular online, with some people estimating that much of the traffic on social media sites consists of videos or links to videos. People are far more likely to click on a video than they are to follow a link to an article.

In part, this is because videos are a somewhat more passive medium. Reading an article requires more mental engagement than just sitting and watching a video. However, this does not mean that people do not absorb as much information from a video. In fact, the opposite is true. It is easier to convey information via video than via the written word.

One might think that producing videos would be too difficult, especially if you do not have any experience in doing so. However, it is surprisingly easy to create professional-quality videos these days. With so many powerful tools available, even a complete novice can create great-looking videos in a short period of time.

Another advantage of videos is that they can be used over and over again. Repetition is very helpful in marketing the brand. After all, this is why people often see the same ads on TV repeatedly. Do not be afraid to reuse the videos, especially if they perform well.

A solid business plan today must begin with recognizing the all the latest marketing trends. One area of business experiencing tremendous growth over the last five years has been video marketing. Come up with a good idea that uses video to promote a business.

Many businesses today understand how powerful video marketing has become. This method truly speaks to the desirable generation that marketers are looking to capture. But don’t think that video marketing should only be aimed at the younger generation, in fact every age we see today is highly in tune with all the latest trends. You can contribute this to the availability of the internet in almost every home and at much higher speeds than in the past.

Video is the quickest way to get your message out in the most cost effective way. A good video that is entertaining, personable and speaks to the consumer will drive lots of business. We see how viral videos today bring in millions of views overnight, and this can be done with a great idea.

Anyone can produce a video because it does not cost much at all to do so. With a good video one can really get the point across in a fun and interesting way that keeps the viewers attention. Plus they get to see who the person is, and consumers feel more comfortable doing business with people they know.

Have a plan and stick to it. Video marketing can really elevate any company, but it must be done right. One shouldn’t offend the consumer, so careful planning is what the business owner must strive for.

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