March 11 10:52 2015
TestoRoid supplies natural testosterone boosters worldwide and has now reduced the cost on purchases of their supplements in packages of two, three or four of their products.

Low testosterone (T) levels have been blamed medically for a number of health issues, including weight gain, low sex drive and depression. TestoRoid, a company consisting of professional bodybuilders and nutritionists, has now made it easier for people to effectively tackle the problem of low T levels by offering their testosterone boosters in cost-cutting bundled packages.

In searching for dietary supplements that actually worked, the team at TestoRoid decided to create their very own products to get the desired results. As such, the company formulated their own line of premium dietary supplements, which are designed to safely increase testosterone levels, lower estrogen, boost stamina and encourage weight loss. Their list of products include TestoRoid EX (Extreme), a new generation, natural testosterone booster, TestoRoid DAA, a 100 percent pure D-Aspartic Acid supplement, TestoRoid Creatine, a pH-correct form of buffered creatine and TestoRoid 320, an effective active compound that increases growth hormones and reduces estrogen levels.

Shoppers are free to purchase each item individually, which are sold at market-competitive prices. However, TestoRoid now makes it possible for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking to improve their health naturally, to get the products at reduced costs in their new bundled packages. The first package, called TestoRoid Duo, includes TestoRoid EX and TestoRoid 320 and is 23% less in cost than the individual prices. TestoRoid Trio includes the Duo with the addition of TestoRoid DAA and is over 28% less in cost; while TestoRoid Quattro incorporates all four supplements and gives a total discount of over 32%.

By offering their products in bundled packages, aims to help people suffering from a range of testosterone-related issues, to improve their health naturally without the side effects associated with similar T-boosting products. The formulation of their dietary supplements is backed by scientific research and all products are derived from natural herbs and vegetable extracts. Additionally, all supplements are accessible via the company’s website, along with telephone orders.

About TestoRoid

TestoRoid is the leading brand in the UK providing natural testosterone boosters and body-building supplements. The management team are body builders with a huge amount of experience in the industry. They have sourced the best ingredients which are purely come from natural herbs and vegetable extracts meaning there will be no harmful after effects, as everything is as natured intended. The company has helped people throughout the UK, and have received amazing feedback from their clients. Their products can help in so many ways making you run faster, be healthier, stronger and better muscle tone. All products can be found visiting their website, and orders can be made through their website, and they also accept telephone orders. Testoroid can help in so many ways, and has proved to be a good alternative to other products on the market.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.


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