Salts Worldwide releases Rare Salt known as a Culinary Delicacy

March 11 13:24 2015
Salts Worldwide has recently released a new salt that is known as a culinary delicacy across the world.

Chefs and Foodies from around the world are going to love this news!  Salts Worldwide a company known for providing high quality kosher grade gourmet sea salts and spa salts has recently released a rare salt that is known as a culinary delicacy around the world!

Black Truffle Salt is a rare salt that is sought after by not only chefs, but foodies who love the unique taste and appearance it provides.  Black Truffle Salt is one of the most expensive salts in the world and as such it is one of the best salts money can buy. 

Black Truffle Salt makes a great addition to risottos, pasta, egg dishes, or with homemade bread.  Black Truffle Salt also goes great with potatoes and in certain salads.  Black Truffle Salt is coveted by vegans because it is a great source of protein and is cholesterol free.

Truffle Salt can give your food a rich and unique flavor.   It can spice up sweets as well as give popcorn that extra something.  It will always add a touch of class to your dinner table.

This salt can be very expensive and as such it is recommended to be used sparingly.  It can be very hard to attain in larger quantities and as such it is only available while supplies last.  Enjoy this rare culinary delicacy brought to you exclusively by Salts Worldwide.

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About Salts Worldwide:

Salts Worldwide is a company focused on the best salts from around the world.  Their primary focus is kosher grade gourmet salts and high quality spa salts.  Salts Worldwide is known for providing some of the best salts from around the world that money can buy.

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