Zombie Cats adopted by online community

March 11 17:46 2015

A scene from Zombie Cats from Mars
A new film has caught the attention of the online horror community

An upcoming horror film that stars cats (!) has been spayed with a colossal following even before it’s release.

It’s all in the title – Zombie Cats from Mars – but the film’s recently released trailer has also swayed over horror fans.

WB3 Problems is behind the movie, which will be released in April. Directed by Montetré (Holed-Up) and written by Ryan Cloutier, the ‘catastrophe’ – which came together thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter – has found itself atop of many a must-see list. 

A fun horror romp that’s part Gremlins, part Critters, the movie fixes on killer cats taking down a populace. 

Screenwriter Ryan Cloutier says the idea of the film was born immediately after a screening of his last.

“We screened “Holed-Up” at the Hollywood Theatre last summer”, Cloutier told The Examiner. “Friends, cast, crewmembers, orchestra members and their families attended it. The turnout was pretty good but less than what we had hoped. When we were leaving the theatre, we saw a line around the block for a showing of “Internet Cat Videos” that was playing after “Holed-Up.” A few months after that, I was helping Montetré do some work for a fellow local filmmaker. We were talking about how much work and energy we put into filmmaking, and how sometimes it seems no one really cares. It seems there are so many filmmakers nowadays vying for attention that everything gets muddled. I casually mentioned that we could make “Zombie Cats from Mars,” and everyone would love it. I imagined that it would be a terribly thin plot, full of cliche and unnecessary exposition, and be chock full of two-dimensional characters no one would care about. We then pondered the irony of being recognized for our most meritless work. We stayed up all night coming up with ideas and building characters. The next morning, I began the script. As I started to write, the characters got more complex. Montetré would suggest plot elements that I’d weave into the story. It sort of took off from there, and turned out way more interesting than either one of us had imagined.”

The story centers on Billy, an effeminate fan of vintage science fiction action thrillers. His only friend is Cameron, a nerdy film buff who tries to boost his confidence whenever he can. After seeing a UFO land, Billy retreats into his head, imagining that aliens are taking over the town. Cameron is skeptical, as is the rest of the town. Meanwhile, people are starting to die. First, the reclusive cat lady Percis is discovered mutilated by Lester, the church-going husband of Carolyn, Percis’s depressed caretaker. Random deaths soon follow, first a jogger, and then a janitor at the Carbonics Warehouse. A pair of news reporters shares this information with the public while the Detective and his Chief try to solve the killings. Meanwhile, the killings continue. Billy, wrapped up in a world of fiction, discovers a story in which Martian Cats land on Earth and inflict horror upon the town. Confident that the killings are the result of the UFO delivering alien cats, he sets off on his own superhero mission to save the town.

You can pre-order the DVD here

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/RboThbElfQo


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