Benjamin Pure: Choosing The Best Pattern Maker

March 12 04:58 2015

Looking for a pattern maker? It might be a bit difficult to find a qualified one, as there exist no set standards for these professionals. Technically speaking, a trained pattern maker is the one who has a strong hold in designing. However, they require no license to practice. Perhaps that’s why it is tough to differentiate between competent ones and mediocre ones, says Benjamin Pure.

Choosing a good pattern maker

Degrees and experience are key things to look out for. The best pattern makers are perfectionists. Many have an in-born talent. So, at times it becomes confusing to fix a standard to choose a high quality professional.

Some people emphasize on computer aided drafting skills. This is not as important as it seems to be, suggests Benjamin Pure. It is better to find somebody with appreciable pattern skills than computer skills because you can always teach the latter later. Computers don’t make “perfectionist” pattern makers. The right use of pencil and ruler does.

The most important is sewing skills. While hiring a pattern maker ask him or her whether they know how to sew. If they can’t, drop them. Pattern makers are supposed to have great sewing skills. According to Benjamin Pure, you must never hire a professional who cannot sew.

Pattern making is designing tools for clothes. It is impossible to design a tool, which you don’t know how to use.

Try the work

This is one of the best ways to choose a pattern maker. Let him or her give you a sample of their work. Often, professionals who perform badly in interviews actually excel in their pattern making work. This is because they may have a technical streak to create patterns; but may not have good communication skills to answer questions in an interview.

So, avoid judging a pattern maker through their interview performance. See their work; check their credentials; and see whether you are able to build a rapport with them. Of course, you may not become the best of buddies; but you must develop a professional comfort between each other, opines Benjamin Pure.

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