March 12 21:04 2015

Mar 12, 2015 – America – China high power 12V LED Strip Light manufacturer will be introducing the waterproof 12V LED Strip Light which is capable of operating under -85°F at the 2015 AHR Expo.

Comparing with typical electronics which would normally malfunction at 14°F, LEDLIGHT-BRIGHT.COM T8 applies aluminum heat-sink outer casing, military grade A-class components, and temperature resistant solid-state capacitors to ensure consistent operation under -85°F and with uncompromised life span of 50,000 hours; even one of the coldest areas on the planet, Greenland, only goes as low as -94°F, greatly increasing LED’s area of applicability in low temperatures. Areas ranging from extreme low temperature constructions, chillers, laboratories, to high latitude countries, are all suitable applications for T8 and with tremendous energy savings of 70%-90%.

LEDLIGHT-BRIGHT.COM spent over a year going over low temperature product testing; even with ambience of -85°F, LEDLIGHT-BRIGHT.COM T8 can still be turned on instantly and reach its luminous stability, producing a staggering 104 lumens per watt with 50,000 hours life span. With these outstanding performances, LEDLIGHT-BRIGHT.COM T8 is best suited and holds a competitive edge over its competitors for industrial lighting and cold warehouses where high illumination and low temperature lighting are much more demanding.

LEDLIGHT-BRIGHT 220V LED Strip Light is IP65 rating equipped with multiple waterproof installations: one is to install with a waterproof connecter, second is to secure a single-ended input LEDLIGHT-BRIGHT.COM T8 tube light onto the wall with clamps without the need of an enclosed fixture for optimal heat-dissipation and a longer life span. In addition, suitable waterproof fixtures could also cope with customer requirements. Other than double-pin fixtures, LEDLIGHT-BRIGHT.COM T8 tubes are also compatible with single-pin T8 socket designed for the refrigeration applications. has industry’s most diversified and customizable product specifications and modifications, providing T5 and T8 from 1ft to 10ft with an array of color temperatures of warm white (3000k) to true white (6000k) to satisfy customers’ every requirement; and a 5 year service warranty to give customers a peace of mind when using the products.


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