Risk of Addiction is Still Prominent for Older Adults as Drinking May Increase, Says Chapters Capistrano

March 17 11:11 2015
Younger adults may drink more at once, but recent studies show older adults may drink more frequently which still contributes to risk of addiction, shares Chapters Capistrano.

When it comes to misusing alcohol, many people tend to think of teenagers and young adults who may spend more time at parties, bars, and socializing where alcohol is involved. And while they may drink in greater quantities at once, a UK study has found that older adults may actually drink more frequently. Orange County drug and alcohol rehab center Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press commenting on these findings and the importance of seeking treatment for alcohol misuse.

According to the Huffington Post article regarding the UK study, “Doctors are seeing a growing number of alcohol misuse cases among older adults and that this finding supports concerns that middle-aged adults and the elderly might be abusing alcohol.” Older adults were found to drink more frequently than teenagers, and even though it was less at once, there are still risks associated with these actions. Alcohol misuse can have a variety of health as well as societal impacts.

“Adults may be more aware of the risks of alcohol misuse, but that does not necessarily curb their drinking,” says Chapters Capistrano founder Mike Shea. “Older adults may face many life changes that can lead them to drink more frequently. Retirement, children moving out, health problems, stress, and more are all things that can be difficult to cope with. They may use alcohol as a way to deal with these challenges, unwind, or forget about their problems.”

The study used information gathered over a period of 34 years from 1979 until 2013.  After studying data, researchers found that there is “a rapid increase in the volume of alcohol consumption during adolescence that comes to a peak in early adulthood, followed by a plateau in mid-life, and then a decline in the volume consumed in one sitting into older ages. But as men age, the frequency of their alcohol intake increases.”

Shea notes that an increase in frequency can still contribute to risk of dependency and addiction. Recognizing the trends and risks can help people to be more alert and detect signs of problems earlier on. Taking steps to cut back on drinking, be it amount or frequency, can be beneficial to overall health and wellbeing. Alcohol can contribute to a variety of health problems as well as poor decision making, so making a conscious effort to abstain or decrease drinking can have a positive effect.

“Fortunately alcoholism is a condition that can be successfully managed,” says Shea. “There are a variety of approaches to treatment so clients can find what works for them and implement strategies that they can follow through with. With ongoing support and positive changes, older adults can make the most of their future and improve their wellbeing without the use of alcohol.” Chapters Capistrano offers clients customized treatment that meets their needs and can help them to overcome alcohol dependency or addiction, as well as other substance misuse disorders, adds Shea.


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