Creator of Wheel-A-John Launches IndieGoGo Campaign To Raise Production Funds

March 20 21:51 2015
John Kicos, the creator of Wheel-A-John, a self-contained system for bladder relief for those in wheelchairs, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production of this unique product.

The Wheel-A-John is a revolutionary, self-contained system that offers waterless, hands-free external relief for those in manual wheelchairs. Located on the web at, the Wheel-A-John eliminates the need for wet diapers, cuts down on urinary tract infections and offers wheelchair occupants of any age a safe, private and dignified way to relieve their bladders without drawing attention to themselves.  Now, creator John Kicos has lauched an IndieGoGo campaign at to raise funds to produce and distribute the Wheel-A-John to all who need it.

“The Wheel-A-John addresses an issue that many people might prefer to ignore,” says Kicos. “However, our elderly, particularly our veterans, deserve more. The Wheel-A-John maintains privacy and dignity while helping wheelchair occupants avoid problems like wet diapers, urinary tract infections and embarrassing accidents.”

The Wheel-A-John consists of a comfortable seat cushion with a built-in relief and collection system to answer “calls of nature.” Discretely packaged and undetectable to others, this product provides a clean and easy way to take care of the body’s needs without drawing attention to the wheelchair occupant.

The IndieGoGo campaign offers several pledge and reward levels, including:  $10 for social media recognition; $25 for social media recognition and a Towel Trap beach chair pillow; $100 for recognition and two Towel Trap beach chair pillows; $500 for a certificate of thanks and four Towel Trap beach chair pillows; and $1,000 for recognition and eight Towel Trap beach chair pillows. Donors of $10,000 or more will receive four tickets to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Coca Cola 600 race in May 2015 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

About Wheel-A-John:  

Creator John Kicos has invented the Wheel-A-John to provide a safe and discreet way for wheelchair users to void their bladders without embarrassment or the need for diapers or other devices.  Now, Kicos has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this device.


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