Conquering Dreams by Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities

March 23 18:26 2015
“You will never know how many people you may help and inspire just by daring to be you!” — Carol A. Briney

Nowadays there are plenty of lifestyle and self-help gurus which claim to be able to help people relieve stress, love themselves and simply enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, tons of books, subscription services and other media are released on this subject every day, selling millions of copies but not necessarily helping those who actually need guidance.

“Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities” isn’t one of those books. It is a conversational style book, which leads readers on a journey to discover and connect with their true selves, as well as realizing and embracing their potential to have a fuller, happier life.

In Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities, Carol A. Briney combines her finding from 30 years as a businesswoman and Motivational Speaker with lengthy spiritual studies to create a roadmap for self-discovery, which will take readers step-by-step through finding their connection with their maker and learning how to recognize and break away from their self-imposed limits.

Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities reflects Carol’s belief and life perspective and her praised spiritual prosperity philosophy, which has made her entertaining yet enlightening keynotes so popular and life-altering for those who have attended and became inspired to put them to use in the course of their daily lives.

Carol A. Briney is very passionate about helping people realize their full potential by slowing down so that they can gain power up to conquer the obstacles they face daily, and that shows in her writing style, which speaks directly to her readers, guiding them through her principles to achieve their goals.

Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities follows in the footsteps of Carol’s radio show of the same name, as well her guest articles in several renowned magazines and newspapers. Those who have read the book or know someone who did have seen a definite change in their behaviour and way of thinking, and they quote the book as a positive influence. Also, they praise Carol’s clear, entertaining and inspiring style, which make for a compelling read and easy-to-follow guidance.

With Carol’s experience and popularity as well as such stellar early praise, Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities may just become the ultimate guide for those who want to achieve their goals and find personal growth so that they can live their lives to their fullest potential.

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