Hubber, All-in-One Freelancing Platform for Web Designers, to go Live on November 1

October 30 17:39 2017

The freelance economy is now well established as part of the mainstream. However, freelancers still struggle with issues such as managing their projects and having to do it all single handedly. This will soon change as Hubber, the new, all-in-one workflow management hub for freelancers has announced that it will go live on November 1, 2017.

Hubber is about empowering freelancers to step up their game, and plan, automate and deliver, all at one place. In short, Hubber is a set of productivity tools all brought together to take care of every aspect of managing a freelance project.

“Hubber will manage your entire workflow to allow you to focus on what you do best, pixels and code. Hubber’s got the rest!” said Guy Pineda, CEO and Founder, Hubber.

Through Hubber, it is easy to send professional proposals to get more gigs. Once an order is approved, a contract is delivered stating the project scope and other particulars. Hubber saves on time and effort with a default design questionnaire that can also be customized. The client also receives automated reminders to submit any content required to begin or complete work. A special proofing engine makes it easy to show proofs, and it can accommodate designs as well as a testing website. All communication is aggregated as well, and the freelancer does not require any other production tool when on Hubber.

“Hubber empowers you as a freelancer to compete with the bigger agencies by providing you with a “team” that takes over the administrative work and supports you along the way with one big difference, no overhead. Hubber is giving freelancers the freedom to grow, for free!” said Guy Pineda.

“I’ve searched for a platform that can really help me for a long time. Working on my own and dealing with clients is not easy so I need all the help I can get. So I was so happy to find Hubber!” said a customer review.

Hubber is the creation of a freelancer team that was looking for a better way to handle its workflows. After years of dealing with clients and handling the challenges, the team decided to create a new solution that will make work easy for web designers, and Huber was born.

Hubber aims to become the platform of choice for freelance web designers who need admin support to release free time and take up more client projects. As a team working behind a solo freelancer, Hubber is free and will be free for life for anyone who joins it in 2017.

About Hubber

The goal of Hubber is to simplify the freelance project lifecycle by creating the ultimate hub for all the tools necessary to manage expectations and communication between clients and designers. Our solution provides abilities that normally only larger teams can afford while for clients, it allows them to focus on their goal and not the many administrative tasks that accompany any new project. Additionally, we strive to build a great company for our employees by giving them opportunities to grow, learn and tackle issues are we passionate about.

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